Nest Candles

Nest Candles

Very little excites us more than a good candle—and we mean a really good candle. At Details, Nest Candles have won over many of our customer’s hearts (and olfactory systems). Not only do these sensuous candles come in a large variety of alluring fragrances, they also last for a very long amount of time. This means you get to enjoy them for much longer than your typical, quickly burning candle (Pro tip: Trim your wick between uses to make your candle last longer!).

Made with soft, premium, highly refined cosmetic-grade wax, Nest Candles have been developed to perfection over many years—optimizing their refined burn and fragrance diffusion. Many of their reviews online boast that these classy candles fill large spaces with their sumptuous aromas once lit. This is largely due to the highest grade of wax ingredients, accompanied by the finest fragrances oils available. Even the clean glass vase is designed to complement the beauty of its surrounding, with a classic shape and modern stripe etching.

There are several reasons as to why candles are so relaxing, which may benefit the health of the user. The gentle flickering of a flame, as well as the illumination it cascades across a room, causes peace within. Some people can enter meditative states just by focusing on a candle’s flame. Light a Nest candle with your morning coffee, or read by candlelight at nighttime. We also recommend choosing a scent which you find attractive as a way to accessorize your home through scented self-expression.

Nest Candles offer several fragrance options:
Fresh — aromatic, herbal, marine

Citrus — tropical, fruity, rich

Floral — dewey, white, bouquet

Exotic — wood, amber, incense

Gourmand — vanilla, spices, liqueurs

Holiday — evergreen, fruity, spice

Stop in today to enjoy the aroma of our Nest Fragrances selection and find your favorite!

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