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Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout was created for the plant-lover, food-enthusiast, or the stylish space saver. Its creators were inspired to make a way to have a successful “garden”, even if that meant it was in the window of a small yard-less apartment. Enjoy the fresh look and/or taste of your next Modern Sprout purchase, allowing one to grow fresh produce in the comforts of their own home.

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    Self-Watering Planter


    Eco-kit is a great way to kick-start your organic plant growth. Uses a hydroponics (soil-less plant growing system), to grow your food, this kit encapsulates the perfect plant “formula” that will ensure the strong and healthy growth of your plant.

    Kit Includes:

    • glass canning jar
    • wick
    • stainless steel net pot
    • earth-friendly growing medium
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    Winter Bulb Kit


    Brighten the gloomy days of winter with beautiful Picotee Amaryllis or Paperwhite blooms. Assemble the kit, add water, and wait a few weeks to being producing spring-like blooms anytime of the year. Amaryllis blooms produce white flowers with a pencil-red bordering edge, dazzling those who lay eyes on them. Paperwhite blooms produce several white blooms on several stems.

    Kit Includes:

    • Stylish Glass Vase
    • Premium bulb inside a burlap sack
    • recycled glass grow medium
    • Instructions